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All the advantages of posting content for your site.

If you are looking for high-quality theme for your articles – feel free to use a new set from Gutenberg theme.

More and more international bloggers and writers have begun recently to focus their attention to block kind of posting. If before we tried to make it just without distracting attention, so now it is a new trend – based Gutenberg theme.

Of course, when we are talking about user-friendly blogs, we mean a great function of the theme. The Gutenberg theme is perfect because it includes chess layout and ready minimal design.

The diversity of blocks is a new trend in blog creation.

If everyone would look for that uniqueness then we would have a very colorful world.

Michael Schenker

In this article, we have prepared several options for how and where it is better to use a Gutenberg theme. You will learn about the benefits of all blocks and basic work rules.

1. Clear and usable blocks for any content.

Blocks are a unifying concept of what is now covered in various ways by shortcodes, inserts, widgets, publication formats, custom publications, theme settings, meta codes, and other formatting elements. They cover the breadth of WordPress functionality, with a vivid consistency of user experience.

With blocks, you can insert, rebuild, and stylize your multimedia content even with little technical knowledge.

Example: New tool for creating content.

Composition for spring calendar polygraphy.

Using Gutenberg Editor, you don’t need HTML or CSS knowledge to place two blocks of content side by side, making complex layouts more accessible to most users. You can just click Align Left Edge in one block and Align Right Edge in the other, or you can insert a prepared block with up to 4 columns.

The main feature of the Gutenberg editor is the presentation of all content in the blocks and directly layouts editing.

2. How to choose color for posting in Gutenberg?

Professional bloggers know how to choose the right color combination palette in posting, so their work looks attractive and harmonious. They use a Gutenberg color plugin. What is it? Read about it below.

In the sectors of the circle, the shades are placed in the spectrum of visible light:

  1. Warm colors call a feeling of warmth, coziness, and comfort in a person, therefore they allow you to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Cold colors are associated with winter, they create a feeling of freshness.
  3. Neutral shades do not cause a feel warm or cool and called neutral.

All this classification is conditional, clear colors can be found only in the picture. In nature, they smoothly pass one into another.

2.1. Harmonious color combinations.

What does it mean all this combination and why we should know all this? If you would like to use harmonious color combinations in the posting skillfully, making them interesting and more attractive to the viewer. So, the main schemes of harmonious color combinations are as follows.

  • Monochrome combination.
  • Similar color combination.
  • Complementary circuit.

There are other combinations, including four or more colors (rectangle, square – tetrad, pentagon). However, it is better not to use such a variety of colors for posting.

During the editing, it is important to analyze the resulting colors in the post. What color is dominant, what colors accent, what colors are superfluous and you need to completely remove them from the frame.

2.2. Shades of the same color for posts.

The visual perception of different colors can cause a very strong emotional reaction. For example, red symbolizes passion and danger, and blue promotes relaxation and has an instantly calming effect.

Common Blocks and formatting.

You can call special feelings in the viewer by using several shades of the same color in the picture. Try mixing colors to see what happens. As more you experiment as better you will begin to understand what looks good and what is just bright.

Example: Special features.

For the effective color using, pay attention not only to the right shades but also to the lighting. The colors which were taken pictures in harsh sunlight will look very different compared to those shot in dim light indoors. The key to how to make perception blog is perfectly content with the right choose media files framed with the appropriated color.

Each block created by Gutenberg consists of HTML comments, typically using opening and closing tags, using syntax created by Gutenberg developers.

Gutenberg Editor has excellent assets that could really help people write better texts.

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